Paleogeology, Paleoclimate, in relation to Evolution of Life on Earth


The Proterozoic Eon extends from 2.5 billion years ago to 540 million years ago.

Three supercontinent assemblies have existed during or since the Neoproterozoic:
● Pangaea 350-165 Ma, assembling in the Carboniferous and breaking up in the Jurassic
● Gondwanaland 550-400 Ma during the Cambrian and Ordovician
Rodinia ~ 1050-750 Ma).[r '03, images]

Pangea has been reconstructed on the basis of sea floor magnetic data. Gondwana has been reconstructed on the basis of paleomagnetic and biostratigraphic data, supported by geology. Debate continues regarding relative positions of continents within Rodinia, and the timing of assembly and breakup of Rodinia (some paleogeologists hypothesize the beginning of assembly as far back as 1.3 billion years). The configuration of Rodinia has been hypothetically reconstructed based upon paleomagnetic data and the mountain chains (orange) formed during the Grenville orogeny, which span several modern continents.

Tables  Geological Time  Flood Basalts and Stratigraphic Boundaries  Lagerstätten & Biota

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