Paleogeology, Paleoclimate, in relation to Evolution of Life on Earth


Maps of North American rock types : rock types - metamorphic, plutonic, sedimentary, volcanic; tapestry of time and terrain, terrainNorth American Craton

Petrologybasaltbrecciafelsic (sial) ◘ gabbrogranitegreenstone beltshornfelsigneous rockslavamafic (sima) ◘ magmametamorphic rocksperidotiteporphyryplutonicrockssedimentary rockstexturexenoliths

Mineralogy crystallization phenocryst

Tables Geology Section  Elemental Composition of Crust  Flood Basalts and Stratigraphic Boundaries  Minerals & Rocks: Carbonates  Minerals & Rocks: Evaporates, Sulphates  Minerals & Rocks: Metamorphic  Minerals & Rocks: Oxides  Radiometric Dating  Volcanoes  Weathering of Minerals 

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